Saturday, November 7, 2009

Multiple Orgasms for Men

“Would You Like To Know How To Achieve Multiple Male Orgasm, Get A Rock Hard Erection Without Any Drug And Use Your Lovemaking Tool Like A Sledgehammer Being Stuck For Hours Between Her Legs?”

Ø Are you one of those unfortunate majorities of men for whom the pleasure of having multiple orgasms has become an unfulfilled dream of his life?

Ø Have you lost your hope of having multiple male orgasm without the use of any pills, cream or surgery considering the fact that they being unnatural may cause harmful effect on your health?

Ø Are you nervous going near the woman of your dream since you are afraid that you may not be able to perform sexually well?

Ø Doesn’t this fact torment your mind that if a woman does not get sexually satisfied through multiple orgasms by her man then she is more likely to go for other options (may be to the other man secretly or openly)?

Ø Do you want to stop premature ejaculation and

achieve multiple male orgasm but feeling down and shy sharing your problems with your family and friends?

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Let me introduce myself, my name is Waseem Dar, I'm the author of the bestselling e-book “Erectile Dysfunction No”, a men orgasm multiple program that is an ultimate remedy for men who want to get rock hard erection and achieve multiple orgasms once again.

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My E-book Reveals

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Sneak Preview.... Chapter 1


Making Fantasy a Reality

Every woman dreams of being with a lover whose passion is so
intense and body is so strong that he can last and last and last.
Every man wants to be able to fulfill those dreams. He wants to know
that he can have intercourse for as long as he wishes, bringing his
partner to climax after climax. It certainly sounds wonderful, but
is it possible?
You are about to learn the secrets of male multiple orgasm. By
the time you have completed this book, your understanding of sexual
potential and sexual power will be changed forever. You will learn
how to prolong lovemaking for as long as you and your partner
desire. Men will learn how to master their own bodies. They will
learn how to have complete, powerful orgasms without losing their
erections, and how to have multiple orgasms-two, three, or even
more-just like a woman.

I know that this may be hard to believe. It's hard to imagine
that such sexual powers could exist for anyone. Maybe for a twentyyear-
old with unlimited energy or some yogi with extraordinary
abilities, or maybe at the beginning of a torrid love affair, if you
should be so lucky. But not for your average guy. No, for most
normal men with normal sexual equipment, it seems like making love
all night whenever you want-no matter how long you've been married
or how old you are-is a fantasy. Until today. Today, everything is
going to change; today, those fantasies are going to come true.
In this book, I'm going to teach men how to explore and enjoy
their sexuality in ways they may not have believed possible. I'm
going to prove to you that male multiple orgasm is not just part of
some romance writer's imagination, but an easily attainable reality.
You are going to discover how a multiorgasmic man can offer his
partner a level of pleasure and fulfillment more intense than either
one of them could have ever hoped for.

The ability to control one's penis-to literally stay up all
night-is not the exclusive domain of Eastern masters. There are
plenty of men who have already learned to control their erections in
ways you would find hard to imagine. These men can have multiple
orgasms without losing their erections (two orgasms, three orgasms,
or even more if they choose). They drive their women wild hour after
hour, night after night. They're doing it right now-and they'll
still be doing it long after you've gone to sleep.

These men are not sexual supermen. They are normal, average
guys. Some are young, some are old, some are tall, some are small,
some are thin, some are overweight, some are bashful, and some are
bold. Some have large penises, some have small penises, some have
thick penises, and some have slender penises. Some have sex once a
week, and some have sex almost every day. The only thing these men
all have in common is the desire to please themselves and pleasure
their partners, and the discipline to master a simple technique.
I know over two hundred of these men personally. They are not
friends or lovers, but they are men who have learned the secrets of
male multiple orgasm and staying power at the various therapy
clinics where I have worked. Over the past ten years, I have had the
opportunity to train more than one hundred of these men, one on one,
from start to finish. The rest are men whose training and progress I
have been at least partially involved with through my clinical work.
What I'm trying to say, without sounding intimidating or
otherwise off-putting, is that I have seen many men become
multiorgasmic and increase their staying power. And there is
something extremely important you need to know before you read any
further: I have never met a motivated man who couldn't master the
techniques that lead to male multiple orgasm. Never. I know that
every man who reads this book and follows the exercises I describe
can master these techniques too.
If you are a woman reading this book, extraordinary surprises
and unimaginable pleasures await you. Whether you choose to work
with your partner as he learns these techniques, or be a supportive
bystander, your understanding of what it means to be intimate with a
man is about to be redefined forever.

If you are a man reading this book, you are, about to enter
into a new relationship-a new and exciting relationship with your
own penis. You will never be the same. The payoffs are unlimitedpayoffs
for you, payoffs for your partner, and payoffs for your
relationship. By the time you finish this book and complete the
simple exercises I describe, you will be a changed man. After you've
had your first multiple orgasm, you won't believe you waited this
long, but you will believe in yourself and in the power of your own

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